Comprehensive wealth management plan and progress reporting

Our holistic, integrated financial planning process, WealthMap, provides the foundation for long term wealth management. It provides a roadmap for wealth accumulation, growth, protection and distribution. Our clients have clearly articulated and quantified objectives and strategies for achieving a well-defined envisioned financial future.

All our clients have a unique plan based on their personal circumstances, potential and financial resources. The plan creates context in that it identifies inefficient application of financial resources and risks that could erode their wealth. It also identifies actions that need to be taken to achieve the stated objectives and creates a sound framework for making financial decisions. The plan assists in identifying appropriate financial products and areas where alternative ways and means (other than financial products) should be found to achieve the desired outcome.

Our unique quarterly and annual reports serve to monitor progress towards achieving the stated long term objectives and to make changes when needed.







A unique integrated wealth management strategy

Our time-tested wealth management strategy ensures that our clients’ investment portfolios are aligned with clearly stated objectives. Your portfolio is constructed with a specific target return and risk budget with the objective to maximise the probability of achieving the desired outcome.

Our wealth management strategy takes into account the long term wealth plan of our client, the objective to be attained and the cash flow required. The clients risk capacity and financial circumstances are incorporated in the wealth management strategy to ensure that risk is managed appropriately whilst still achieving the required return to achieve the stated objectives.

The portfolio is reviewed and adjusted based on fundamental financial planning and investment principles. Our portfolio solutions are managed actively and continuous research is done on macro-economic factors and asset class valuations. We also do research of fund managers and evaluate which combination of funds are most appropriate for a specific return and risk objective. This research automatically filters through to ensure that our clients' investment portfolios are aligned and actively managed.

Independent identification and evaluation of appropriate financial products

As an independent financial services provider we have access to a wide range of financial product providers and evaluate which product will be most appropriate for a specific client's circumstances and objectives.

We continuously research and analyse the countless number of financial products with the objective of identifying products that could serve our clients better.